About the Sutter Fund  
The Sutter Fund is a non-profit fund that was incorporated in 1996 under Alberta legislation. Since 1996 the Sutter Fund has raised funds through an annual golf tournament. Those funds have been used to support many youth athletic associations and other groups in Central Alberta.

Sutter Fund volunteers work throughout the year to organize the annual Sutter Fund Charity Golf Classic. All of the funds raised are used to support worthwhile projects in Central Alberta. No wages or commissions are paid to any of our volunteers or to any other person or agency.

The Sutter Fund Charity Golf Classic receives exceptional sponsorship and support from many individuals and companies in Central Alberta as well as other regions of Canada and the United States. We appreciate that support. Without it the Sutter Fund could not succeed.

Every volunteer, sponsor and golfer is an important member of The Sutter Fund team. Thank you for helping the Sutter Fund build a better community.

The Sutter Fund has

donated approximately

$2,000,000.00 into

Central Alberta since 1996.
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